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    This is my post here. Thanks to everyone for posting valuable information on this forum.

    I am planning a 10 day road trip to start from San Diego and return here.
    Starting from 11/20 to 11/29. Here is what I am planning:

    Day1 : Start from SD in the noon and reach las Vegas
    Day 2,3 4: spend vegas
    Day 5: start out of Vegas in the morning and reach to south rim, GC by night. Cover hoover dam on the way.
    Day 6 and 7: at Grand Canyons

    I have lake powell zion national park, bryce canyon, antelope canyon in my mind but not sure which one to pick so it works best.

    I highly appreciate any advice.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a nice trip laid out, but on suggestion I would like to make is to consider going from SD to Grand canyon direct and then through Page [Antelope canyon/Lake Powell] to Zion NP [possibly Bryce] and then down I 15 to Vegas.

    This would save you some miles and the need to go through Vegas twice but if Hoover dam was a priority you would have to detour on the way back to SD, although given the choice I would choose Bryce every time.

    It would be a long day to GC or you could stop on route, seeing how far you can get, so you could enjoy a couple of nights at the Grand canyon and then head to Page later on day 3 and a full day there sight seeing and stop another night [4]. It would then be possible to head to Bryce canyon for the night, visit the viewpoints and head towards Zion where I would recommend 2 nights, and down to Vegas for the remainder of your trip before heading home. Again, if it was a straight choice between one less in Vegas or missing Bryce canyon I would lose a night in Vegas, but that's only my opinion.

    I would certainly keep an eye on the weather forecast and road conditions at this time of year and leave whatever you decide upon open to change.

    Have a great trip !

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