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    Default Heading out tomorrow FL-Vegas

    Anyone know any cheapo hotels or things I MUST do in vegas?

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    Default Nothing to go on.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is very little I can think to say that will be of help, as you have told us nothing. Is it a road trip ? How long is your stay ? What are your interests ?

    It is not likely you will get much advise here on "Cheapo hotels" or any other type TBH, but using price comparision sites like Expedia and co should give some results.

    We don't do "Must do's" either as everyone is different and so are their interests, but you certainly won't be short of things to do and see in Vegas, and there are also someGreat day's out to be found. You could also find some useful info on one of RTA's related sites which has info Concentrated on Vegas and surrounding area.

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    Default deals abound

    My favorite "cheap-o" hotel in Vegas is the El Cortez downtown. You can typically get one of their original rooms (1 queen bed, smoking allowed) for about $30, although their newer rooms often aren't much more.

    Having said that, you can find some incredible deals in Vegas right now. Just out of curiosity, I recently looked up rates for a long weekend and found several places on the strip where you could stay for about $20-25 a night (older properties on the north end, generally), and many of the nicer places were under $50.

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    Wow that's pretty cheap! We're taking a road trip and it should take around 12-14 days! I'm also gonna get hitched with my girl down there!

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