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  1. Default Norwegians first time i the USA, Roadtrip New York to Los Angeles

    Hello :)

    Me and my girlfriend are planing a roadtrip from New York to Los Angeles from march 15th - april 30th. after that we want to travel to Cancun Mexico or another place we can relax for two weeks before going home to Norway.

    I have some questions about the trip,
    Sorry for my English i hope you understand it :)

    1. How is the weather from march to april?

    2. Price for renting a car from NY to LA, 45 days with incurens?

    3. The five best places to stop and spend some days?

    4. Regular price for 2 persons at a cheap motel 1 night?

    5. what do i need to see on my trip? like the grand canyon.

    6. Is there something i realy need to know before i go?

    7. Easy ways to save money on the trip? Discounts?

    Im very excited for the trip and looking forward to meet some Americans! :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Renting a car for 45 days should not be too difficult. You may have to "check in" after about the month mark, and the rental could be rather expensive, so you'll have to do a fair bit of shopping. We really can't give you much of an estimate as there are way too many factors in play that could potentially swing the price by hundreds of dollars.

    A budget motel room will generally run about $50 per night. Occationally, you'll find better deals, and in major cities, you'll usually pay a little more, but that's a good ballpark number.

    Most of the other questions, we simply can't answer.

    There are no generic 5 best stops, and we can't tell you what you might be interested in. You'll simply have to do a little research about all of the vast number of things this country has to offer and figure out what looks interesting to you. Once you've got some ideas, we can help flush things out, but you need to take care of the basics first.

    We also can't tell you much about the weather, as you can see just about everything in March and April and the fact that you are talking about an entire continent worth of land. What you might see between NY and LA is about as diverse as what you'd see between Oslo and Istanbul, and everything in between! I will say that that in most mountainous areas this will still be "winter" where there will be some areas still snowbound and roads/passes that will not yet be open for the season.

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    Default nice options...

    hey there, if i were planning that trip, this is the route that i would take....
    obviously it depends on what part of the country you'd like to see... it's a VERY large country...,96.679688&z=4

    This route goes New York > Washington DC > Pittsburgh, PA > Chicago, IL > Omaha NB > Denver CO > Albequerque NM > Grand Canyon AZ > Las Vegas NV > Los Angeles CA

    this link is the google map route.

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