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  1. Default Road trip Nashville to New Orleans advice needed

    Hi guys

    I'm planning a road trip for mid march From Nashville to New Orleans and I wondered how long a drive we would be looking at for all the sections of our routes and if we have given ourselves enough time?

    Stay in Nashville for 2 nights

    Drive to Memphis stop for 1 night

    Drive to Clarksdale stop for 1 night

    Pick up the Natchez trail and take it to New Orleans

    Firstly does this look like decent amount of time to do the route?
    I wondered is it worth stopping anywhere for a night once have picked up the Natchez trail or are there any other villages in Mississippi or Louisiana we should consider staying in on the way to Ne Orleans as we have an extra night to spare. Also any reccomendations of hotels/interesting places to stay overnight along route would be great


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    Default End of the Trace

    Hello London,

    Unless something has changed since my last visit (admittedly +25 years ago), the southern terminus of the Natchez Trace is Natchez, MS. The Trace follows ancient footpaths between the upper tributaries of the Mississippi (the Cumberland River) in the Nashville, TN vicinity and the area now known as Natchez. Flatboats would be built to haul cargo downriver from Nashville to lower Mississippi locales, including New Orleans, and the boats would there be broken up for lumber. The boatmen would then walk back to Nashville. The trace stays more or less in between the major rivers and thus minimizes stream crossings between Natchez and Nashville.

    That said, there are a number of routes of "The Great River Road" generally between Natchez, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, with much to see in terms of plantations, etc.


  3. Default Natchez Trace Parkway

    If possible, I would recommend staying two nights in Natchez, Mississippi so that you would have at least one full day to enjoy this historic town. You could pick up the Natchez Trace Parkway in Jackson, MS (taking I-55 from Memphis). Jackson is 100 miles northeast of Natchez. A couple of interesting small towns between Jackson and Natchez are Raymond and Port Gibson. Each of these towns have bed and breakfasts that are also historic.
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