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    Hi, my name is karly and i am 18 years old from Vermont. My boyfriend and i want to take a trip out west to look at colleges and see family. We are both looking forward to this exciting trip and would love to hear some expert opinions about the journey. Anything from cars, to where to stop and sight see on the way, to dealing with another person for weeks in a car! let me know, i'll take all the help i can get
    Thank you!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...little information. There's simply no way anyone can offer meaningful suggestion for what to see "out west". That's roughly two million square miles of territory! Perhaps if we even knew which colleges you planned to visit and what you and your boyfriend enjoyed we might be of some help, but we simply don't, and can't, do RoadTrips to order on no information at all.


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    haha good point! we are planning on Salt Lake City, Tahoe, and San Francisco and whatever is in between. We are driving from Vermont and are only planning to sight see in the western part of the country, mostly Northern Colorado, Northern Utah, Northern Nevada and Northern California. We want to visit University of Utah in Salt Lake, Colorado University at Boulder, Sierra Nevada College in Nevada and then just walk around the city in San Fran! Does that help? and thank you so much BTW!

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    Default a start

    Well, now we know at where you are looking at going, but we still know almost nothing about what you are hoping for. You haven't told us how long you have, what you are interested in seeing and doing, how much money you have, how you like to travel. Ultimately, these are all things you will have to decide for yourself, but we can't really give you much help in giving you direction until you've told us about your first steps.

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    i'm hoping for a candid adventure.. kind of wherever the wind takes me sort of thing. i have the whole summer. from late may to early september but are only planning for a month or so. i want to see all the beauty and magic that the west holds. something to make me excited about living and give me an adventure i will remember for the rest of my life. gas money isn't an issue really and plan to stay with relatives at most of the stops. i love to travel more than anything in the world especially with people i love. :)

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    Okay........where in Vermont are you leaving from? Is your ultimate destination San Francisco? Is this going to be a round trip? Exactly where are your relatives and friends located that you will be able to stay with? What does your car get for gas mileage, and how much can you budget for the whole trip?

    So far, definite stops are Boulder, Salt Lake City, and near Lake Tahoe? Anyplace else definite?

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    Default SOoooo much !

    With a "Month or so" the World [USA in this case] is your oyster !

    Of course you are not going to see everything, but as you are crossing the entire country there are just so many options open to you, and you will need to narrow things down before we can be of much help to you.

    If it's a return trip you certainly would want to pick a different route home and get to see as much as possible. Travelling on I 80 to SLC you could take a detour to I 70 visiting Rocky mountain NP and just a few others to consider would be, Colorado NM, Arches, Canyonlands, even Capitol Reef, Bryce canyon and Zion NP plus many great towns and much more.
    Coming back from SF you could head to Yosemite NP and cross Death valley to Vegas to the Grand canyon, possibly Monument valley and Four corners region and work your way home along I 40 and take I 44 through St Louis or continue to Knoxville to I 81.

    There is much more to consider, like a more Northern route to Yellowstone so you really need to sit down and work out what places excite you the most, and when you have done that we can help with suggestions and "tweaks" for your trip. Get the map out and use the forums search button to dig out info on places and start to put some dots on the map. The NPS find a park lists every NP in every State and could be of use.

    For travelling I personally think Sept takes some beating, as the visitor numbers and temps begin to drop.

    Enjoy the planning !

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