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    Default road trip of wedding in the southwest of the United States

    We are young french's peoples intended to marry...
    For ours trip of wedding, we want to do a road trip in your fabulous country!
    We would like to make it in three weeks (october 2010)
    I have a project to start in LosAngeles, Las vegas, grand canyon,... and Sanfrancisco and come back in LA...
    You can show it here,13.952637&z=6
    if you want to give some ideas and comment it, it's with pleasure...
    sorry for my bad english...;-)

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    Default Quite reasonable

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your basic outline good, and for the most part, this sort of trip is the most popular basic idea on this forum, so I'm sure you can get lots of ideas just by looking around a bit.

    A couple changes I would consider making, you might want to add in a detour to Death Valley between LA and Las Vegas.

    You might also consider coming across US-50 through Nevada instead of going all the way up to Salt Lake City. This road is known as "the lonliest road" because of the unique sparce terrain it travels through.

    You should also know that Tioga Pass, which goes across the Sierras in Yosemite National Park does close seasonally. It depends upon the conditions, but the earliest it usually closes is in October. That means there is a chance you would have to find a different way to cross the mountains. Just be aware and create a back up plan if that route does not work.

    I would also recommend that you plot out a rough itinerary so you know about what you are doing each day. You don't have to stick to it exactly, but its pretty easy to try and do too much. There is a lot to see here, and a written plan should let you know where you might have to make some cuts if your plan becomes too full.

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