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    Last year the good lady and I did a thoroughly enjoyable road trip which started in SF then went via Tahoe,Yosemite,DV,LV,LA,Monterey and back to SF.It was all arranged from start to finish by a local Travel Agent and gave us the idea of taking a month (Sept/Oct 2010) to drive from LA to New York via New Orleans. Unfortunately the poor old ú has been hammered lately and has dropped from 2$ to 1.50$ making the budget a bit tight and we are trying to do it ourselves to keep cost under control. Flights and car hire are easily arranged from here using one of the many comparison websites but finding good value accommodation for the 14 stops I have planned does not seem so easy.We don't want 5 star Hiltons but neither do we want "Bates Motel"(Psycho) style flop houses and any good value clean establishments will do. Rather than spend hours trawling the web I was hoping that somebody might have been in this position before and have some suggestions about the best way to procede.
    Thank You

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are lots of comparison websites for hotels too (including most of the ones that do flights and car rentals). You can also try sights like priceline or hotwire where you book based on price, without knowing the specifics of where you'll stay until after you've made your reservation. You might also look at some of the various hotel chain websites and see what they have for loyalty and rewards programs where you might be able to earn a free night or two, but you really have to be careful with these or you'll end up spending more money than you need just to get something "free."

    Other than that, there really is not magic bullet. The more time you spend searching, the more likely you are to find a good deal.

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    Default What I do.

    To get the best deals is going to take a bit of research, but I have used the price comparison sites to get a good choice of Hotels in the right location, I then "short list" a few favorites that also fit into my price bracket and then search the Internet for the Hotels own website. You can then check for any special offers they might have, more often than not I find the best deal by going direct to the hotel.

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    You will generally find your most reasonable values by staying at chain hotels at Interstate highway exits away from large cities. The rates generally range from $40 to $100 depending on how upscale you want to go. Not to endorse any particular chains, but ones to look at would be Motel 6 at the lower end (almost zero amenities but generally a clean room for the night) up to something like a Hampton Inn at the upper end. Examples of ones in between these are Super 8, Days Inn, Best Western, Fairfield, and Holiday Inn Express. I generally use to get an idea of what is available where and go from there. I also generally do not prebook unless it's in a high tourist area during prime season to keep my itinerary flexible - it can take a lot of fun out of the trip feeling pressed to make it to a specific place each day. As long as you don't stay out on the road too late, very seldom would you not be able to find accomodations on the spur of the moment. I carry printed directories for several major hotel chains in my vehicle so I can call in from the road to check on rates and availability and make a reservation if needed. The directories are free for the asking at any of their properties.

    There is generally none or minimal savings by prebooking unless you are talking about higher end downtown hotels or resorts - which will probably be out of your price range anyway.

    In your example, where you would want to research and prebook is if you want to stay in downtown New Orleans for more than one night. There it would pay off. No real need when you are out on the highway just traveling between cities for a place to stop.

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    Thank you for your replies which have pointed me in the right direction and given me a starting point

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