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  1. Default Route Planning Seattle to Raleigh, NC late November

    We will be driving from Seattle to Raleigh, NC right after Thanksgiving, November 27th, and need help planning the safest and fastest route for this time of year. Driving Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, not towing anything (2-wheel drive)

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    Default not a one sized answer

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Basically, you've got a few different options. You can work up towards Chicago and then take I-90 or I-94 across the plains. You could also head towards Kansas City and then go up to I-80 or across to Denver and up, eventually heading up I-84 and I-82 from the Salt Lake City area.

    Any of those options are going to be right about 3000 miles, and you should plan for at least 5, but probably 6 days to make the trip. Any of those routes could be better or worse on any given winter day, and you'll have to check the forecast for your specific trip to make a determination about which would be best for your trip.

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    When planning, note that I-40 is closed at the TN/NC state line until further notice due to a rockslide. There is no local detour.

    I would probably check the weather and road conditions just prior to leaving, and take whatever looks best to Kansas City. With good weather, the fastest would be I-90/I-82/I-84/I-80/NE-2/I-29. From there, take I-70/I-64/I-77/I-74/US-52/I-40. Note that I-64 is closed through downtown STL, best way around is stay on I-70 to I-270 east to I-255 south back to I-64.

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