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    Default Looking for out of the ordinary

    Hello everyone,
    In November we will be hitting the road and hitting all fifty states (we'll figure out Hawaii along the way) the idea is to document the US, the beauty of this country, it's people and places. If there are any must see places, tips or any help and information you can send our way it would be greatly appreciated. We leave in about a week... Thanks.

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    How long do you have? You want at least ten years minimum to document the States - it is so vast! The way I look at it is wherever you end up will be an experience so don't plan too much - just identify a list of places you feel you must see or experience and head in that general direction then see where the road takes you! It would be impossible for anyone to get a list on paper which captures the essence of the country - it is a case of getting out there and discovering it for yourselves. If you are looking for natural beauty I would start with the National Park Service website (buy an annual pass for sure) and see where that takes you.

    If you have any specific questions about your trip let us know and we can help but such an open question is impossible for us to answer. Having said that you will find a huge amount of information on this very website!

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    Thank you so much

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    Default Looking for recommendations of awesome locations

    Hello everyone!!

    Trips been awesome so far. If anyone has any off the beaten path hidden gems they recommend, let us know...

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