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    Hello, I am planning a road trip next summer with two other friends. We are planning to leave around mid-July and spend approximately 3-4 weeks on the road (give or take). We are undecided where to travel. We would love to visit every state, however that would be very costly and take too much time. Ideally, from San Diego, we would like to travel east throughout the southern states. Once we reach Florida we would like to travel North along the Atlantic Coast to New York. From New York we would like to travel back West along the northern states and then travel back down to San Diego. Ultimately this route makes a rectangle throughout the United States. We are ready for the long journey and the long car ride. However, do you think this route is too ambiguous for first time road trippers? If so, could you help us narrow down our route? Or do you have any other suggestions where to travel starting from San Diego? Mainly we would like to expereince small towns, cute niches, as well as naitonal and state parks. Any other advice for our first road trip as well as any other scenic routes to take would be great! Thank you!!!!!

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    It takes about a week to drive across country, so your idea to do a loop around the whole US in 3-4 weeks is probably too much. You could physically do it, but you really won't have time to see anything but the next mile of highway.

    Having said that, no one here or anywhere else can tell you where you should go. That completely depends upon you and your interests. Since you really aren't even at step one yet, I would highly recommend that you sit down with your friends and figure out your own goals. Figure out a few places that you would each like to go, and see how much money you can reasonably have to work, and what each of you would like to get out of your trip.

    Once all of you have a better idea of what it is that you are looking for, then we'll be in a better position to help.

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    A couple of my friends from the UK did a similar trip out of Houston before they relocated to Canada for work last year. I consider myself someone who likes to keep moving and ticking off the destinations but they are much worse than me. Even with 'cutting off the corner' from Atlanta to Chicago they still took 6 weeks and said that they felt rushed. Might it be worth considering splitting it into two loop trips out of, say, San Diego and then, next time. out of New York? I think you might get a real benefit out of that AND you could then create an itinerary which takes you to every state. Either way have a great time and come back soon with any specific questions. I always find the planning part of the fun!

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    Wow six weeks is quite a long time on the road. I think we might just stick to a route around the west coast, maybe visit the Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, and Yellowstone. Thanks for replying and i'll let you know if i have any specific questions. Thanks!

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    I think that you would likely get a far greater reward if you can. The real beauty in my opinion is you can always extend your route and add stops further across than planned if you get ahead if schedule. I always HATE to have to remove places from the list because I'm running out of time - the former feels so much better!!

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