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  1. Default San Diego - Vegas - Grand Canyon in 4 Days in December?


    me and my wife are planning to have a short break and escape to Vegas between Christmas and New year's eve and also have a look at the Grand Canyon.

    We were planning to drive from San Diego directly to Vegas, spend the remaining day, and the day after in LV, sleeping two nights there.
    The third day we wanted to head east and visit the Grand Canyon (South Rim) sleeping one night in the park on its vicinities.
    The 4th day we wanted either to spend some extra time looking at the Canyon or head back to SD through some nice scenic route (like the one suggested in this thread and maybe overnight on the way back to SD.

    Do you think that this itinerary is feasible in December? Is there anything we should be aware of, or that you would recommend?

    Thank you for your help

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    The main thing to be aware of is that the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the Flagstaff area in general, is at an altitude of around 7,000 feet. This means that there can be copious snowfall in the last week of December, sometimes measured in feet. You will need to be prepared to be flexible with your schedule for visiting the Canyon and make sure that the weather will be cooperative when you do go.


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    My biggest concern is that you're likely going to really be shortchanging your time at the Grand Canyon.

    If you leave Vegas on Day 3, that means you're only going to have a half day at the Canyon, and that half day comes during the shortest days of the year. Even if you leave at 7am, you're still only going to have about 5 hours of daylight to explore on that day.

    From there, you've got a very full day drive back. Even if you just stick to the Freeways, you're looking at a good 10 hour trip back to San Diego. If you are hoping to take some scenic detours back, you're going to have to leave early and really not spend any time at the Canyon on day 4.

    You can certainly make things work, although you might consider just doing Vegas or the Grand Canyon so you have more time to enjoy and less time just driving.

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