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  1. Default Milwaukee to New york round trip

    Hi all,

    I am planning a round trip from Milwaukee to New york. I plan to hit Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburg, Washington, Baltimore and New york on the way.

    I don't wanna drive more than 3 hours a day and would spend a day in each of these cities.

    I have few reasons for concern -
    1. I am planning it from dec20 to 1st week of Jan. Do you guys think the weather would be encouraging for a trip ?

    2. I am not sure what places to see in Indianapolis and Columbus. ( I chose them coz they are 2 hours apart and serve as good stops. Could you tell some places to visit around these two ?

    3. I can spend 2 days or more in some good cities which ones do you think they would be ?

    4. I have never been to New York but have heard a lot about its traffic . I plan to book a hotel in Newark ( as that's cheap ) do you think it's a good idea ?

    Thanks for reading ... it would be my 1st long road trip so pleae help !

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've got a nice basis starting point for your trip.

    I will say that you've got a few gaps - notably Pittsburgh to DC and Baltimore to NYC - where you've got drives that are far more than 3 hours. They can certainly be done in a day, but especially when you factor in east coast traffic, I wouldn't be surprised if both of those drives took 5 hours or more.

    Stop wise, you could easily spend 2 days in DC and not have time to see all the museums and monuments, so that would be an obvious choice for me. I haven't done much other than drive through Indy or Columbus, and I've only made one day type stops in Pittsburgh and Baltimore, but both Pit and Balt are places I could have easily spent more time.

    Staying in Newark is likely a great idea, especially if your hotel has free/cheap parking and is close to a train station where you'll be able to easily commute into the city.

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    Default The National Road

    East of Columbus, I'd suggest getting off the interstate and driving US-40, which is the Old National Road. It is especially scenic between Zanesville and Cambridge with lots of old places and neat little towns along with the "Y' Bridge in Zanesville and the "S" Bridges.

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