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    Default Texas to Panama Canal, Jan-Feb 2010, RT

    I intend to ride my motorcycle from Texas to Panama begining in Jan 2010 but would prefer to be joined by at least a couple of other riders. It is about 4000 miles oneway. Let me know if you would care to join me or if you have made the trip yourself. I ride a Yamaha Royal Star. Mocyman.

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    Default Best of luck.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    That sounds like quite some adventure !
    I wish you well in finding companions to join you for the ride, and with the trip itself.

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    Default The Rio Grand to Panama Canal-Jan, Feb, 2010

    I am riding my motorcyle to Panama in January and returning in Febuary 2010. I have recieved one response from one traveling by car to live in Panama. One or two more travelers would be preferable, especially if they are willing to make it a round trip.
    If you have done the trip before, I would welcome the advice.
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