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    Default P town to Reno in January

    We are driving from Portland area down to Reno in January for a convention.
    What is the best route with the weather in mind?
    Would it be best to take I5 all the way down to I80 then east?
    I took 89 at Shasta before in summer time but not sure what the road will be like in winter

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Nobody will be able to predict the weather that far in advance and as such it might be best to keep your options open and decide nearer the time.

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    I wasnt really looking for a weather report this far out but more oif the best likely route for winter driving. Since if I had to go down to I80 I would likely make a side trip to Frisco to see family

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    There is not generic best winter route because the best route is going to depend very heavily on the weather itself. Without knowing the weather, you can't say what the "best route" will be on any given day, and thus the question simply can't be answered at this point in time.

    Is is possible that I-80 would be a good route, yes, and if every possible route is seeing bad weather, then that is the one most likely to be cleared first. But making that judgement at this time requires you to make a whole lot of assumptions that simply might not be valid during the time of your travel.

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