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  1. Default Passion To hit the road is welling up

    Hello everyone this is my first post as I have just found this site, By the way this site is a great resource of information for someone like me!

    Anyway im a 19 year old second year college student and have had the desire to hit the road with no giant planned out route for all my years in high school and college and got my first little baby taste last weekend when i drove out of state for the first time to visit a friend in Baltimore, (im from New York). I took all back roads down there and stopped a few times to just check things out. I know this is a giant dream Ive been dying to hit the road for a nondescript amount of time.

    With this said Ive been considering taking next semester off to just hit the road. I currently work two jobs and I know one of them will be here waiting when i get back due to my ability to take "school leave" The other will not. Ive been looking at pricing issues on this site as addressed in other posts and I know I couldn't fully pull it off but this passion within me is just burning to the point where I'm not sure I can wait much longer. I already know this is a foolish romanticized notion of life which is far from practical but if anybody has any helpful input I would really appreciate it.

    I would be traveling alone and have no problem sleeping in my car which unfortunately has very high mileage. I can probably have anywhere from 1,000-2500 practically by the end of December saved up and if I wait a little bit past that and work as much as I can figure in the ball park of 3,000-4,500. I want to do as much exploring on foot as possible so im not looking to spend all my time burning gas. I will set off with general cities to hit all across the country with no time limit on when I get there. :) So my main questions are is there anyway to make a little cash on the road? Is it safe to do this? And any overall advice is appreciated :)

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    Default We know that feeling.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    When you are on the move it is hard to find work along the way unless you are planning on staying in one place for an extended period, and even then it's a case of being in the right place at the right time.
    Sleeping in your car will get old real quick. It's all right now and again but it's difficult to get a good nights sleep unless you have a large vehicle that you can set up camp in the rear. It wouldn't cost too much to get yourself some basic camping gear and would be a good investment on a prolonged trip.
    Although you have the "travel bug" as a lot of us do, it doesn't mean you have to do everything in one trip, personally I would prefer to match my trip to my budget so that while being frugal I can still enjoy it.
    Keep searching the forums and road trip planning pages using key words and you will find loads of info, like this one on budgeting.

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    Default going with what you have

    I would start acting right now to live as frugally as you can. That means really working at it and tracking your spending. Give yourself a goal of how much money you can reasonably raise and how long you want to be on the road. If, for example, you think you can raise $3000 and you want to be on the road for 3 months, see if you can actually live on $1000 a month. When you do that you'll have to keep in mind a reasonable budget for fuel based on how far you want to travel, and some money for living expenses (I agree with Dave that living out of your car every day will get old real fast, but even if you do that, you'll need to budget for showers and other things that will keep you human!) The biggest things will be food and entertainment type expenses. Living on $1000 a month would put you below the poverty level, so I think some practice will let you really know what your budget will allow and how realistic it is for you to adapt, live on that, and still enjoy yourself.

    Then the next thing I'd tell you is to just go and see how far your money takes you. Get out on the road, but keep track of your funds closely, and when you've gone through about half of them, start turning back and heading for home!

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