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    Hey Guy's

    This is going to be our 3rd road trip to the USA. We have booked flights for next year June/July to Houston and the return fllight back to Scotland from Portland,Oregon....£305 drop off fee..Ouch!!! but should be worth it.

    I just would like to give you the following route and see if it will be to rushed to complete it in 33 days.

    Houston-San Antonio-Dallas-Amarillio-Santa Fe-Cortez/Durango-Canyonlands/Arches NP-Salt Lake City-Yellowstone NP-Then head west through Washington to Vancouver-Seattle-Portland

    And if anyone can give us must see places to see or visit along this route it would be much appreciated.

    Look forward to any replies

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    Default Some Things to Consider

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Clearly, you already have a number of places that you consider 'Must See' venues (And the only such places are the ones you have to see. There is no generic list of such places!) since your route wanders around a bit rather than just heading straight through to Portland. One thing to make sure of before you sign for the rental car is that you will be permitted to take it into Canada. Too frequently 'unlimited miles' come with geographic restrictions that can come as a surprise. Make sure that you have the proper paper work for taking the car across the border both ways.

    Some other possibilities for things to see on your general route that you might want to consider include Taos Pueblo in northern New Mexico, the Ghost Ranch outside Abiquiu, Mesa Verde National Park, Monument Valley, US-89 as an alternate route from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone, heading north from Butte to see Glacier National Park and then on into Canada to take the Crowsnest Highway west, and taking the ferry from Vancouver (the city) to Vancouver (the island) and then again from Victoria to Port Angeles.

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    Default A couple more.

    Just adding to a few of Buck's suggestions, if you went to Taos you could also head further North to the Great Sand dunes NP before heading towards Cortez via Wolf creek pass through Pagosa springs. Another option worth considering here is continuing North to Poncha springs and heading West on US 50 through Currecanti National recreation area to Montrose and driving down 550 [The million dollar highway] through Ouray and Silverton to Durango, it's spectacular ! If you came over Wolf creek I would still recommend driving around the San Juan skyway [which incorporates the Million dollar highway] by heading up the 550 to Ridgeway, then 62 and South down the 145 to Telluride and Cortez.

    If Monument valley is an option for you then head up through Page AZ and you could see Bryce canyon, Grand canyon North rim and/or Zion NP. You could always see these by travelling to Hanksville and Torrey form Moab via I 70 and 24 and then Scenic highway 12. Capitol Reef NP is also on route this way, but not MV.

    From Salt lake city get on the 89 passing Bear lake and head through the Grand Tetons on the way to Yellowstone.

    With 33 days you certainly have time to consider some options near to your chosen route but their are many more to choose from so you will need to do a bit of research and decide how you want to spend your time. If you are visiting a number of National parks [usually 4 or more] then the annual pass for $80 is a very good option and it can be purchased from the first park gate you visit.

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    Thanks for all the advice....Monument valley and Teton NP have been added to my list....i checked up on google maps that the trip will be around 3500 miles....should be achieveable without feeling too rushed.

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