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    Hi everyone. I am a New Zealander living near Dallas. I have been living here for around a year and will be heading home shortly after Christmas. My wife and I would like to go on a bit of a road trip for Christmas and were after some good ideas of directions or places to see!

    So far we have seen most of Texas, Washington DC and Vegas. Possibilities we have though of so far is a trip to Florida through New Orleans right down to the Keys, or perhaps a drive through Colorado all the way up to Yellowstone National Park. Both of us are in our late 20s with no kids and have our own car. We have around 3 weeks to play with. Any bright ideas would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I would advise against planning for a Yellowstone trip over Christmas, as much of the park is not accessable in winter. That's a better destination for the summer.

    The gulf coast and keys would be a decent option, and if you haven't been to California, you could look at doing a loop out there perhaps. With 3 weeks and your central location you really have most of the US as a possibility.

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