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    Default Los Angeles - New Orleans - New York

    Hey all

    My name is Al and I'm hunting for any info regarding a cross country trip we plan on taking hopefully next summer.

    Basically we're looking to drive from LA to New York. Along the way we know we want to check out Las Vegas, Grand Canyon etc, New Orleans. The Mrs is keen to cruise through Texas (not sure why, just because) so we'll do that and drive a bit of Route 66. Also keen to check out National Parks and anything else of interest. I want to get pie in Alabama haha.

    Plan is to pick up a car at the start of the trip and drop it off at the other end. Looking to spend about a month on this part of the trip. So I'm really just after any advice, or "must see" things and even how long we should allow for driving, and stopovers, so we can sort of plan it out. We're probably only going to book hotels etc a few days in advance so we don't have to stick to a strict time budget. Please advise.

    Cheers, Al

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    Default So many options.

    Hi Al, welcome to the RTA forums !

    We don't really do must See's here as each each trip is an individual experience but if we did we could fill pages and pages with options. With a cross country trip over a month their really are to many things to list. You have a few dots on the map you just need to start looking for those things in between. To get from LA to New york via New Orleans is a solid weeks worth of driving so you have a nice amount of time to explore but you could also spend a month in the Southwest alone and not get anywhere close to seeing it all.
    Generally speaking you can cover 5-550 miles in a day but that will put you on the road for 9-10 hours and will only give you time for food and bathroom breaks and fill with gas, no sight seeing other than from the road.
    The National parks interactive map will give you details on every park there is to visit, and in my opinion some of the best are to be found in Arizona, Utah and Colorado. You might want to drive part of the Pacific coast highway to San Francisco and drive to Vegas via the Californian gem that is Yosemite and on through Death valley. The Great smokey mountains and Blue ridge parkway on your journey between New Orleans and New York I am told are spectacular.

    During the summer months the National parks get booked up early so if you want to stay in, or near to them it could be problematic if you want to do late bookings. [Almost impossible inside popular parks]

    Have a good look around the forums and road trip planning pages for ton's of info and keep asking questions as you build your trip. You will find ton's of info on this one thread to get you started.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Cheers for the info mate, will have at look at the provided links.

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