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    Im planning on driving from sacramento to ny leaving Nov 6. We have 10 days. We want to stop in Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach, SC. Other than that I think we want to stay away from major cities and do nature related stuff on the way.
    Any Ideas for the route?
    weather tips?
    any random advice or info worth knowing?

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    That's a 3600 mile trip, which means you have to average 360 miles a day. You can make it from Sacto to LV in one long day - I-5 or CA-99/CA-58/I-15. It's a 4 day drive from LV to Myrtle Beach via US-93/I-40/US-78/I-20/US-301/US-501. It's 2 days from there to NYC via various routes. This gives you 3 days to play with to get off the beaten track. Dig out a set of paper maps or an atlas and start looking for things that may interest you along those routes.

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