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    Hi all, I just discovered this site today and it looks like an incredible resource. I am thinking of planning a road trip for 2 from Rochester, NY the first week of March during our break week. I have never gone on a roadtrip longer than a day, what should I be expecting? Is there any chance we can make it somewhere warm within a week? Where should we go? Keep in mind we're on a college budget. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If what you have is a week, then the real first question you need to answer is where can you get in two comfortable and enjoyable days of driving. This would leave you several days at your destination and still leave you time to see a few of the sights along the road on the way there and back. From Rochester, you can fairly easily get to just about anywhere along the Atlantic or Gulf coasts except the Florida Peninsula. Jacksonville and Pensacola are within range; Tampa, Orlando or Cape Canaveral are not. There are plenty of beach destinations that cater to the 'restricted budgets' of college students. Just don't expect 5 star accommodations or peace and quiet. Start looking early for something, and once you've picked a destination, we should be able to help with some recommendations for sights on the way.


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    Default panama

    Very much along the lines of what Buck suggested, you might take a look at Panama City, along Florida's panhandle. That's one of the more popular spring break destinations around here, as its about the same distance away.

    Of course there are many more, you'll just have to figure out what would appeal to you most.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I've never been south of DC (on the East Coast/midwest that is), and we're both huge music buffs so I can imagine Nashville or Memphis being good stops along the way depending on the destination. I'll pass on the suggestions mentioned here, and come back when we pick a destination! Thanks again!

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    Rochester to Panama City is 1240 miles. This is a VERY LONG 2 day drive and a bit over our daily driving limit recommendations. Nashville just happens to be along this route. However, to actually stop in Nashville and see/do anything will turn this into a 3 day drive, it would probably be best to do this on the way down. It's 775 miles from Rochester and Nashville, you could easily spend an afternoon and night there. You would want to spend the first night somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville. If you have 7 days, this will have you on the road for 5 of those 7 days, with 2 days on the beach. The halfway point coming back is Elizabethtown KY.

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