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    Hi,my wife and I are planning to drive from Sacramento to Kansas and back this 2nd week of November. We done this before but during summer. What will be the weather conditions for I80 and I70 during this month. Is it safe driving a subcompact car during this time? Need all the help I can get


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If the weather is nice, then the roads will be clear. If its snowing or raining, then travel will be challenging until the fine plow crews can work their magic.

    As simple as that sounds, thats about as accurate as anyone can tell you about the weather and road conditions a month from now. It is possible that you will see inclement weather, and you should be prepared for it.

    When it comes to freeway driving, a subcompact car in good running condition with good tires is perfectly fine in winter. There simply is not a big difference between front wheel drive and four wheel drive for long distance highway driving.

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    I am from Kansas. I agree that you really aren't going to be able to predict what the weather will be like this time of year in Kansas, until the week of your trip or so. Something to keep in mind is that if it does snow (which I am going to say is going to be a small chance in Kansas, probably more of a chance in Colorado, Wyoming, etc. anywhere north and west of Kansas)...the snow in Kansas most likely won't stay around too long. This is good since you shouldn't be help up too long.

    If there is any way to take a more southern route through southern Nevada, southern Utah, northern New Mexico/southern Colorado...I would advise that. Good luck!

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