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    I've never been to the Pacific NW, (I have been to Yosemite but I don't think that counts)

    What can I expect on the drive from Seattle to Yellowstone? Google Maps is saying 13+ hours on I-90. Is it a dangerous drive through the mountains? Scenic? Places to stop? I'll be going in late July.

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    Since the Interstate highway system is set up to handle large tractor-trailer combination vehicles traveling at high speeds, I doubt you'll have any issues driving through the mountains on I-90.

    How much time will you have for your trip in total? How much time do you plan to spend in the park?

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    Thanks Tim. How much time do you think I need to see Yellowstone? What I was planing on was flying into Seattle Friday morning, leaving Sunday morning, arriving in Yellowstone Monday night or early Tuesday morning, and fly out Wednesday. I know i'm packing a lot into a short time, but I only have a few vacation days to do this trip.

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