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  1. Default Las Vegas to San Fran Nov 09

    Hi All,
    Im planning a road trip towards the end of nov. from LV to SF. On-Route I was hoping to go via death valley, Sequoia NP, Kings Canyon NP and Yosemite NP.
    I was planning leaving LV on a Tuesday Morn and arriving in SF on the Friday/Sat Night.
    None of my route or stops are set in stone so suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
    How does the weather in November effect the trip?


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The route you mention is definitely a popular one. Keep in mind that if you plan on going into Yosemite via the Tioga Pass, you may be out of luck at that time of year. In fact, every year this very forum has a poll regarding when te route will be closed.

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    Are there other routes into Yosemite Park or is it just off limits towards the end of november?

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    There is generally year-round access from the north, west, and south on CA-120/CA-140/CA-41. There may be chain laws in effect. You may have to cross the Sierras on CA-178/CA-58 to the south or on CA-88/US-50/I-80 to the north. If Tioga is closed, it's quite likely CA-108 and CA-4 will also be closed.

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    Default Heading South?

    With the time available and wanting to see Sequoia NP then going through Death valley and heading South around the bottom of the Sierra's would seem to make most sense.
    Lake Isabella area would work well as a first stop and if the weather was kind you could consider going through the Sequoia NM from Kernville through Johnsondale and Cedar slope, a mountainous, slow going route but very scenic. Three rivers is the nearest town to the Southern entrance of Sequoia NP and is on the 198 that takes you to the Generals highway [also 198] through Sequoia and Giants forest etc. Inside the park I believe Wuksachi Lodge is open all year. The 198 is open year round but subject to closure during a winter storm event but the 180 to Cedar Grove and Kings canyon could already be closed for the season and out of bounds.
    The 41 will take you to Yosemite valley through Oakhurst [a possible overnight stop] and Wawona grove, a grove of giant Sequoia trees. If the road is open you could also head up to Glacier point on the way. Fingers crossed, it is spectacular ! You can leave Yosemite by 140 or 120 and could spend a night in Mariposa or Groveland before heading to SF if you didn't want the expense of staying in the park.

    Have fun !

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