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    Default Xmas Boston Miami

    Back in 2002 with just my wife (gf) at the time I had a Saab convertable at the time ya yupi alert I know lol, we had to be their the next night so I drove all night with my large dunkn doenuts extre extre coffe. The ride was a blurr all I remember was drivn slow in sc and a waffle house, no fun just 95 and s of the border. now in 2009 we have a fam 3 kids and a not so sporty 05 tahoe I whant my fam to like this 1500 mile trip and not just say dad pull over for a few min.

    Any help would be great

    1 break up the long ride
    2 places to eat
    3 places to see etc.

    I'm driveing 3 days maybe 4

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    Default It Really is a Three Day Drive

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm glad to see that you're planning on devoting several days to your drive this time. Especially with children, this is a drive that should be savored at a leisurely pace rather than rushed through with everyone shut up tight in the car, like 'Spam in the can', for hours and hours on end. You really have three choices for routes, The obvious one is just I-95 all the way down with major attractions being the historic cities of the northeast (New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond), some Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields through the Carolinas, and coastline in Georgia and Florida. The two other possible routes are described here.

    If you take three days for the drive, then overnights would be roughly:
    1) South of D.C. (I-95) {Front Royal, VA (Appalachian route); Salisbury, MD (Coastal route)}
    2) Savannah {Atlanta; Savannah}

    If you take four days, then expect stops around:
    1) Elkton, MD {Carlisle, PA; Smyrna, DE}
    2) Benson, NC {Kingsport, TN; Beaufort, NC}
    3) Brunswick, GA {Tifton, GA; Brunswick, GA}

    As for places to eat, you can do so much better than exit ramp fast food by just driving into any large town or small city and just looking (or asking!) for where the locals eat. You'll get a chance to sample some local cuisine rather than frozen-thawed-fried burgers and you'll get a chance to see some things and hear some dialects other than what you would get at home.


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