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    Default Road trip Los Angeles to Georgia

    We are military family living in Hawaii. Moving back to Mainland in Dec. and considering road trip from California to Georgia, where we're moving.
    We have 2 boys, 5 & 9, and possibly have 2 dogs along for the ride as well. We'll have our own van if we do so. Boys & dogs are good travellers. We've been on several 18-24 hours road trips, but nothing this long. They are excited at the possibility though. Looking for any tips, suggestions for stops along the way. We want to stop & see sights at the obvious places. And looking for anything off the beaten path that may be interesting.

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    Default To Make a Good Trip

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've certainly got the right attitude, and doing this with two young boys (my grandsons' ages as it happens) will be ideal for them and should help you see your own country in a slightly different light. General tips would be to not plan on covering more than 400-500 miles a day so that you can take time for frequent rest and exercise breaks, especially if you have the dogs with you; and to take advantage of your drive to see some places that really interest you. Unfortunately, you haven't given us enough info to help plan your route. 'California' to 'Georgia' simply isn't specific enough. You would take completely different routes going from say San Francisco to Atlanta than you would from Los Angeles to Kings Bay. Also, knowing your interests or what you would like to show your boys would help. Again, a basic plan would be to just get out a good map of the U.S. and see what's in between your departure and destination cities and plan a route that hits as many of what you consider highlights as you can. You should probably count on taking 5-6 days minimum for the drive and then start tacking on time as you add sights to see.


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    You will also have to research the different hotel pet policies.

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    Thanks guys! We'll fly into Los Angeles or San Diego. We want to go to Carlsbad from there and take boys to Lego Land for a night.
    We'd like to go to Vegas from there and the Grand Canyon. (a night or 2 at each)
    Final destination will be Ft Gordon, GA, 3 hours east of Atlanta. Not sure where to stop between Grand Canyon & Ft Gordon, GA and that's the long stretch of the trip.
    Not familiar w/ the other states we'd go through....New Mexico, Oklahoma & Arkansas for example.
    I'm thinking we might fly the dogs directly to family, so we don't have to worry about dog friendly places.

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    Default Monument valley ?

    If you have more "free" time to play with you could exit the GC by the East entrance on the Desert view drive [that offers great views of the canyon] to Cameron which has a large Trading post and then head on 160 to 163 through Monument valley. Heading South on 191 would take you past Canyon De Chelley to I40 or you could continue through Shiprock on 160/64 East and head towards Santa Fe.

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    Default I-40 Then

    The backbone of your drive from the Grand Canyon to Fort Gordon will be the Interstates: I-40 to Memphis, a short run on US-78 to Birmingham, AL and then I-20 to Augusta. But as Dave points out, there are many scenic (and educational) detours available. A few notes and suggestions:

    I take my grandsons to Legoland every couple of years and we sign them up beforehand as BrickMasters. This is a promotional package that includes a bi-monthly magazine and special Lego sets sent directly to them as well as admission to the park. It actually turns out to be cheaper than just walk-up admission, and because we sign ourselves up as well, they get two sets of the bi-monthly project. You should have time to arrange it before you travel.

    If you take Dave's suggestion to head east and north out of the Grand Canyon through Monument Valley, you should consider getting a Navajo guide to the park, and then going by the four Corners Monument and continuing east on US-160 past Mesa Verde National Park before using US-84 through Santa Fe to return to I-40. The alternative would be to return to I-40 at Flagstaff, AZ from Cameron after driving the South Rim Trail and stopping at Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park, and/or Petroglyph National Monument.

    As you head out across the Great Plains, some possibly interesting stops would include Cadillac Ranch, the Oklahoma City Memorial, and a side trip on the Talimena Scenic Drive. There should also be numerous 'cowboy and Indian' museums, especially through Oklahoma.

    In Memphis, your boys would probably enjoy Mud Island, and if Graceland is on your agenda, then US-78 will also bring you to Tupelo, MS and the other Elvis shrine.

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