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    We are researching a 10 day to two week drive westbound the length of I-10. We don't doubt we will find plenty to do and photograph (main hobby.) Biggest problem has been finding a reasonable one way rental car. We would prefer a minivan or small SUV and the price issue is compounded by our desire to go last week in Dec/first week Jan. Some of the rental companies have hefty one-way charges but several don't.
    Anyone have any insights that might help us?

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    Default just shop

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You really have almost all of the "expensive" elements working against you.

    First, the christmas/new year week is the single busiest time of the year in the travel world so that's going to make it really hard to find a good rate.

    Second, you want to do a one way cross country trip, which means you're looking at another big fee (and places that don't charge a fee will probably just roll it into a higher rental cost).

    Third, you want to rent a SUV or Minivan, which is going to cost more than even a large sedan - and in some cases, you won't be able to take these vehicles on one way trips.

    About the only thing that you don't have working against you (or at least you haven't mentioned it), is that it doesn't sound like you're under 25, so at least you won't be hit with the underage fee.

    The best thing I can tell you is to shop around extensively. If you can change one of the elements I listed, that will help too, but when you find what looks like a good price, reserve it and lock in the rate.

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    You MIGHT get lucky and find a rental company that needs a car relocated to the west coast. If so, you should be able to get a break on the charges.

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