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    We are planning on a 4 month motorhome based road trip in canada and america (we are from the UK) and are searching round the internet for the cheapest prices. The best we have found so far is a family run RV rental company called happyholidaysmotorhome.

    They have a UK based site called and many great testimonials on the sites but we are dubious of their legitimacy due to not being able to find any reviews on them (their testimonials might be made up of course) - obviously we would like to be able to confirm this before going ahead and booking - almost too good to be true??

    Does anyone have any info on these guys, good or bad?? - it would be really appreciated.

    (We have been able to get about 120 days for £7,000 or $11,627 USD so if anyone knows of an alternative sound company that can get near to this quote we would like to hear about it too!!)

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    I believe that you are quite correct to be concerned about this company. Two things that leaped out at me when I reviewed their website were that nowhere do they give a physical address for their company, and all the testimonials are posted from their own email account. I would certainly not give them a credit card number or send them any money until I first checked with the British Columbia Better Business Bureau or its equivalent. For other warning signs of similar scams you should check out this discussion. One company that we have had positive feed back on is Cruise America. That at least should at least give you an idea of what a reputable company looks like and charges.


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    I too would have concerns and personally would need to check it out before going any further. As well as Buck's observations their is the "Dutch connection" between that site and the victims from the other link, and for a company that has been operating for 28 years their seems to be little feedback from the Internet away from their site.

    If it looks to good to be true, it often is.

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    I agree this site looks a whole lot like the scam that Buck linked to above.

    It wouldn't hurt to investigate farther, but if you can't talk to a real person, they are demanding a large up front payment, and if they are trying to get you to wire them money or give bank information up front, then you' probably should be looking elsewhere.


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