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    Default Here's a checklist

    Quote Originally Posted by colonelhall View Post
    I shall be a complete RV novice and to be frank quite apprehensive.
    Here's a checklist of the kinds of things to look at when you pick-up your RV rental. It was compiled by a fellow roadtripper with about 30+ RV rentals over the last decade or so.


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    Dave, thank you for the well detailed and informative write up on your trip. The pictures add such a key piece to the write up, adding that "you gotta see it to believe it" component. Words alone can't describe your travels. A big thank you for taking the time to put it together!

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    Default Thanks.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the report and hope it helps in your planning. As the old saying goes; "A picture is worth a thousand words"


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    again-- WOW

    i can't wait. learned a lot about the details of camping, time of year, crowds, and most of all talking to locals and taking your time to breath and soak in the fragrence of the area.
    fantastic diary.
    i am motivated beyond words.

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