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  1. Default Portland Maine to Portland Oregon late October

    I am leaving next Monday (10/26) and plan on doing this trip in around 8 days. Im heading first to Cleveland and then basically planning to stay on I-80 until i branch off to I-84 and head up to Portland.

    As photography is my hobby i'll be looking for things fairly close to the highway, but I suspect my only big detour will be in Utah to see some of the land.

    This is the first time ive ever done more than 600 mile journey without taking a good break. I'm looking forward to finding the rhythm of it, I havent planned anything besides a basic route and a desire to only travel with light, starting just before sun up and ending just before sun down.

    I'd enjoy any feedback you'd care to post.

    1) Anyone know of things i should make an effort to see
    2) Possible weather trouble spotsand what to do to avoid them (if possible)
    3) have i got the wrong route planned ?

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    If you want to see Utah, I'd suggest you take I-71 south out of Cleveland to Columbus, then take I-70 across. The spectacular Utah scenery is mostly south of I-70. From there, there are several ways to get back to the coast to get to Portland.

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    Default Some Highlights of Your Route

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You're proposed route is the most direct available and October is one of my favorite times of the year to travel - almost anywhere. You really shouldn't run into any serious weather problems at this time of year, but there is always the chance of a freak storm. Just keep an eye on the weather reports as you progress westward, and if you should run into anything untoward, just relax in place (for a day at most) while the road crews clean up the mess.

    Some places you may want to pay particular attention to: In eastern Iowa, you'll be passing near both the Field of Dreams and the Amana Colonies, both worth a visit. In western Nebraska you'll be following the path of the old Oregon Trail with lots of old forts and geologic features used by the pioneers as road signs. You might want to detour south from around Cheyenne, WY to visit Rocky Mountain National Park if time permits and then use US-40 across Colorado to Dinosaur National Monument outside Vernal, UT. Be sure to allow some extra time while following both the Snake and Columbia Rivers to take some of the parallel scenic roads and a few hikes to see some of the many waterfalls along this route.


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    Thanks GLC, I appreciate knowing your fact i have to get below I-70 in Utah to enjoy the best scenery. i saw i could head south around Denver or Cheyenne and do this

    AZBuck, thanks for letting me know about the Amana Colonies, that looks interesting to me. I'll also start reseraching the oregon trail spots a little deeper too. Id love to see some genuine old forts.I was suprised to see much of Dinosaur National Monument is closed after November 1st.

    Its nice to have the freedom to make detour plans as i go, depending on mood, weather and time. I'll check into Snake and Columbia Rivers too, thanks. Im glad to read i shouldnt have too much of a weather issue getting through any passes at this time of the year.

    Thanks for replying to my post, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to help

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