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    Hi all,

    In 2010 september, I am planning a roadtrip that will take me through the Western US in about 3 weeks. Most of the route is planned and validated, but there is one part that I am unsure about.
    I will be going from Yellowstone to Grand Canyon, spending 2 nights and 3 days on the trip.
    What can you recommend as a good route between the two? I know it's a very open question, but any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    From the South Rim:

    AZ-64 out the east entrance to US-89. Take that north to UT-20 north of Panguitch UT. This will take you near Zion and Bryce Canyon if you want to see them (highly recommended). From the north rim, take AZ-67 north to Alt US-89, take that north to Kanab UT to pick up US-89.

    Take UT-20 west to I-15, go north to Idaho Falls ID and take US-20 to Yellowstone.

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    Default Seconding US-89

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    US-89 is an excellent basic choice to connect those two unique national parks. Be sure to check this post for other scenic venues along it.


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    Thanks for the reply

    US 89 looks like a great option.
    Do you have any recommendations on hotels along this route?

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    I understand Ruby's right outside the entrance to Bryce Canyon is very nice, and the rates are reasonable. I have stayed in Panguitch at the "New Western" - it's okay, and the rates are very reasonable. Apparently, it used to be a Best Western. I do NOT recommend the Super 8 in Page AZ, it's run down and overpriced, and customer service is lacking.

    Oops - just noticed that I gave you directions for going the other direction! Hopefully, you can reverse them.

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