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  1. Default The best destination for a road trip..

    I'm a newbie here!!
    We are a group of people who would like to go on a road trip, but we can not choose the destination.. may be some one can suggest a nice route where we could see a lot of interesting places..
    We are planning the roadtrip for 2 weeks..

    i would be very glad if someone could share he's ideas..


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    Default Sorry, But No

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With no idea of where you're starting from, how long you would like to be on the road vs. exploring places along the way, or what you consider 'nice' or 'interesting', no one is going to be able to offer you any meaningful advice.


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    We are starting from Chicago.. We decided to go to San Francisco.
    And we decided to hire a minivan for this trip because we are 6 people.
    We also decided to get the car in Chicago then we drive 6 days to San Francisco then drop the car of in San Fran (because some of my friends told me that a car is not the best way to get around in San Fran..) we will spend 3 days in San Francisco and then drive back.. please, suggest some interesting places to see on this route..
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    Default Route(s)

    Six days should give you plenty of time to make the trip each way, so just a few suggestions. First, even if there are better ways to get around San Francisco by car, there is no point to dropping it off, then renting another to come home. Just park it in a garage or at the airport for the time you're in the city and then retrieve it again for the drive home. If your rental company charges a one-way fee, you'll save two of those on what is really a round trip.

    Secondly, you should really be looking at taking different routes out and back to maximize the number of new sites that you get to. One possibility would be I-90 west through South Dakota, seeing the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Since Yellowstone is, unfortunately, mostly closed to auto traffic in the winter, you'd then use I-25, WY-220 and US-287 to join I-80 in Rawlins. That would take you into San Francisco while passing Flaming Gorge, the Great Salt Lake and Lake Tahoe.

    For an alternative route you could I-5 south out of San Francisco, turning east on CA-58 to I-40 which would take you by the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Santa Fe to Oklahoma City where I-44 to St. Louis and I-55 to Chicago would get you home.


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    You may be able to find a reasonably priced hotel around SF somewhere that has free or low cost parking and is close to public transportation.

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