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    I plan on road tripping to Georgia this summer and I was wondering if anyone had any good places to stop by? I'm also looking for some good nature sights and some hiking trails. Anything will help, thanks.

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    Default Insufficient Information

    Without knowing, at a bare minimum, where you're starting from, how long you have, and what your interests are, any recommendations would be pure stabs in the dark, and as such, a waste of your time and ours.


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    Default the obvious

    It really hard to go wrong looking at State Parks or National Forest lands when you're looking for nature or hiking.

    But otherwise, Georgia's a big state and knowing nothing else about your plans makes it impossible to offer anything with any more detail.

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    I'm coming from St. Louis and I plan on staying in either Athens or Atlanta. Probably staying for a week or so.

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    Default On the Way

    Two great natural scenic venues on your drive down would be the Land Between the Lakes and the Narrows of the Harpeth State Park.


  6. Default Colorado

    I was also thinking about road tripping to Denver, Colorado and I know they have some awesome dunes and mountains in that general area, anything else that I should stuble upon? I'm coming from St. Louis, Missouri as well. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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