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    Default driving from L.A to Atlanta during christmas break !! good idea or bad?

    Hi all,

    I am so new to this site,

    My sister and I are planning on taking fun road trip to Atlanta from Los Angeles with our kids and few other relatives during winter break. what I want to know if it is safe for us to take this road trip since there will be NO older MAN !!!! my 18 yr old cousin will be with us .. ;) my brother actually scared my sister by saying that going from upper texas is not safe... specially for color pple. we are Asians and wondring. pls let us know if there is anyother way... so we wont have to go through immigration or the danger zone.. pls let me know all type of suggetions will be taken.....

    by the way we will be driving those big 15 passenger vans...
    do we need chains... in that weather.. is it safe to drive in that weather???
    pls pls pls help me out soooo confused...
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    Default Interstate

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your two direct routes to Atlanta would be via I 40 or I 10/I 20 and with a large group in a mini van I would recommend a minimum 5 day's each way to travel, just under 8 hours a day with short stops for food, bathroom and rest breaks, and to top up with Gas.
    Although nowhere is immune from a winter storm the 'I' is for Interstate and they are a priority to keep clear and running smoothly, just be prepared [if need be] to pull over safely in a rest area if the weather turns rough, and let the road crews do their work.
    I am presuming you and your sister will also be sharing the driving and that the responsibility is not falling solely on an 18 yr old shoulders as that could be your greatest risk depending on the experience he has.
    It is the same for everyone when travelling, use your "built in radar" as you do at home, if a place doesn't feel right and the alarm bells ring, don't go there. [Or leave]

    Can we help with any other aspect of your trip ? How long have you to travel, what are your interests ?

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    Default Trip from l.a to atlata

    thank you soo much for your reply
    our iterest is just to get to Atlanta
    we have 3 over 21 drivers aroud 16-19 yrs experiece
    and one 18 yr old.....plsss tell me if its safe to drive throug
    Amarillo,Tx.. have been hearig thigs.. we r planing on taking I40. we wat to know safe motels or hotels...
    we got relatives in Arizona and New Mexico we will stoping for a day with them... the we eed to kow which places are safe to stay with Family....any sight seeing ideas will be taking as long as its safe..

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    Default "Spooked"

    It sounds as though your brother has you all spooked and you are over worrying about things, relax and enjoy your trip. All these "new places" to you and your family are other peoples homes that live and go about their daily routine as you and others do at your home.
    If your main aim is to just to get to Atlanta then I40 is a good choice and if you still have concerns I would suggest using chain motels near to the Interstate that are used to dealing with people from all over the world every day. If you are a large group then maybe booking in advance would be a better option. You are likely to average around 55 to 57 mph so you could estimate stops by multiplying that number by the amount of time you want to be on the road each day to get the distance covered. The average allows for short stops for food, bathroom and topping up with gas.

    Relax and enjoy the adventure !

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    Default trip from L.A to Atlanta in winter

    Thank u sooo much for all ur edvices...... maybe my brother didnt want us t go ;))

    one last thing plsss... can you tell me if we need chains and second
    what is the speed limit there.. Thanks

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    Default skip them

    If you do not have experience driving in winter weather I would strongly advice you not to worry about chain, and simply stay off the roads if you see conditions where they would come into play. Trying to drive a 15 passenger van in poor conditions with no experience is going to get you into more trouble than anything else you might encounter. Speed limits will typically be in the 65-75 range, but again, driving a large vehicle, you should be on the slow side and never leave your comfort zone. These vehicles can be a bit unstable so you need to use some extra caution.

    Do you already own this van or will you need to rent one? It may be difficult to find such a van to rent one way and because of the ages of your drivers.

    I will also say that the people who are telling you that you need to stay away from Texas are almost certainly far more pregidous than anyone you will meet on the road. Are there racists out there - of course there are - and you might very well at some point find someone who is rude to you, but its unlikely you'd find any problems beyond that. To say you should avoid an entire region or city because of the people is its own kind of racism, and should be dismissed as such.

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    Default my brother is just cared

    we are absolutely not racist at all. My brother is just too scared for us to go with NO man... he has done these roadtrips bunch of times for fun...
    maybe he thinks we shouldnt do this without our husbands :)
    We live in ca multi cultural state... we cannot we racist.
    just few concerns...... thanks for all your ADVICES...
    just keep e up dated with chages
    thanks again

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