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  1. Default Fall photo trip

    Hey guys,

    I am in the DC area. I am interested in taking pictures of the falls colors along with the rivers, mountain streams and waterfalls. Does anyone know of the places I can go that are fairly close to the DC area (within 200 miles)?


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    Default The Rail Trail

    Hi dinesh75,

    I don't know if cycling is part of your game, but I just read a neat story about the "Great Allegheny Passage" in the October 8 edition of USA Today. It's a "rails to trails" pathway which now reaches from Pittsburgh all the way to the outskirts of DC, where it joins the C&O towpath trail.

    Surely there are numerous road/highway crossings where a non-cycler can engage in short out-and-back hikes along the mostly river-bottom rail route.


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    Default Close to Home

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Within just a few hours of D.C. you've got such great locales as Shenandoah National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Garrett County MD, the mountains of south central Pennsylvania, or the less than obvious tidewater Virginia and the Eastern Shore.


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    Default Virginia

    I'd second the Virginia recommendations. I know that the colors in West Virginia up in the mountains were already moving towards peak a month ago, and around here (Central Massachusetts), we've hit peak, so it won't be long now before your opportunity has come and gone.

  5. Default Thanks guys

    I ended up going to Blackwater Falls state park. It was quite beautiful, but cold! it snowed and it was bone chilling for me (huddled in my little tent). I realized I need a major upgrade to my sleeping bag. So will do that soon!

    I think I got a few great shots, so the trip might end up worth it. Let' see :).

    Thanks for the suggestions and I will try to follow them rest of fall. I am thinking of heading down to Pisgah national forest this weekend (supposed peak time this week) and take pictures of the land of the waterfalls.

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    Default Just missed it

    I drove by there (Blackwater Falls) about a month ago and didn't stop due to timeframes of the trip. Now, looking at pictures of the place, I definitely regret not stopping and now have to make that a priority for another trip!

    I'm glad we weren't the only ones to get snow this past weekend. Going 20mph on the Mass Pike from Framingham to Auburn is not my idea of fun!

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    Hi Tim,

    It is quite a pretty little park. I got some nice shots of the falls colors and the snow and the waterfall. Very nice. Also encoutered a mama bear and a cub while hiking. They took off the moment they spotted me.

    Will upload my pics soon!

  8. Default Blackwater falls state park

    Hello all,

    Here is a link to the pics I have uploaded so far.

    A few of the pics in that folder are from my older trips.

    I also went to Ohiopyle state park and will upload the pics soon.

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