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    Hello, trying to decide where to take our 8 month old daughter for her first overseas holiday (from UK).

    We have driven SF to LA before, and loved it, and we now find ourselves with 3 weeks to have a trip of a lifetime.

    Considering flying to Seattle and driving south to San Diego so we have a combination of visiting places we know we love, but some new stuff to see too. Main concern is what there is to do en route for a couple with a baby, esp on the long haul from Portland to SF. How long would this take at a resonable pace (i.e. driving for about 1/2 of the day with one activity and time to settle in on an evening). Plus, would the weather in Nov make it miserable for the first half of the trip? Any advice about things to see would be great.

    We also have the option of flying into SF rather than Seattle, so also considering just doing the California leg of this trip, and spending a bit more time in Winelands and SD as we've never done these. Of those who have done this area, would it be a better use of time?

    Sorry for such a lot of questions, just that this is likely to be our last big trip for a long long time, and want to make sure it is perfect!

    Appreciate any help you can give.

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    Welcome to the RoadTripAmerica Forum!

    This is a popular area for taking a roadtrip, so I'll give you a few links to get you started. The first one is several resources gathered by someone intimately familiar with the area.

    Judy's Links for the PNW
    Some ideas for Seattle to LA
    Ten Days in the Northwest

    Quote Originally Posted by Excited
    Sorry for such a lot of questions
    No need to apologize. Answering these types of questions is what this site is about!

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