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    Default Travelling Solo - Advice Appreciated


    I'm so happy I found this forum! I'm starting to plan for retirement and the plan is to buy a minivan, throw an air mattress in the back and hit the road. In particular, I want to see historical sights in both the US and Canada.

    I've never travelled solo in the States. I know that Canada is pretty safe, basically because there's hardly anyone here.

    My concern is how safe it is on the open road for single females travelling solo through the USA.

    Advice, tips, cautions and tall tales would all be appreciated. :-)


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    This is a topic that comes up from time to time. Here is a thread that should help put your mind at ease and should answer most of your questions. And here is a post from that same member made after her trip.

    Thousands of people take to the highways in the United States alone every day, and rare it is that you would hear of anything out of the ordinary happening to them. The same safety measures you would take in Canada apply in the States - knowing your limits, maintaining a safe vehicle, using common sense when visiting an area, etc.

    Take some time to read through the posts I've linked to and you should come back feeling much better about your plans.

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    Hi Nui,

    As a solo senior female who has covered over 28000 miles in the last five months, allow me to encourage you to go for it. To date my four trips have covered well over 90000 miles, and I can honestly say that rarely have I felt insecure or unsafe.... never have I had any problems.

    One benefit of travelling on your own is that you get to meet up with lots and lots of people. Try, when you stop for a snack or meal, to choose a table where another lone soul is sitting... male or female. You will find that most folk would love to tell you about their journey be it on the road, or through life. (Always have a book in your bag, lest you strike a non-chatty companion.)

    My vehicle was a small SUV with seats removed, camping mattress and sleeping bag, pillow, cooler and a couple of small (plastic) chests (firmly fixed in place) to hold small items. It was surprising, particularly on the way to and through Alaska, just how many folk travelled that way. One dear soul from Calgary whom I met at a hostel in Fairbanks, was 75 years young.

    You can read more about what and how my trip went here.

    Lifey who is now on her way home

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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you both so much for replying so quickly. Lifemagician - your blog was fabulous! Those photos were amazing. Even though I HATE snow and cold with a passion, I was almost tempted to go north at some point. A quick look outside at the windy, rainy weather made me come to my senses. I'm strictly a sunshine and beach girl, so I'll head south on my trip :-)

    Lifey - you mentioned some horrible experiences in hostels in Georgia. As a SSF (solo senior female), is there anything I should know about? Something the guidebooks don't tell you?

    BTW - the only guidebook I've ever seen that actually does give cautionary tips was in Rarotonga. The book told female travellers to beware of one particular hiking guide, who enjoyed providing free "massages" when given the opportunity. Instead of stopping him, they just decided to warn the rest of the world. That is one of the most laid-back countries I've ever been to! Lol!



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