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    I'm on holiday from australia and just bought my first car, a 1967 rs camaro. The car is in Portland Oregon (NW oregon), my current accomodation is in Tucson Arizona. So I'm planning on driving it down. I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good path drive back? I'm not looking for the fastest route back, instead the most interesting as a combination of driving and stuff to do on the way. This will be majorly short notice for planning, I'm going to depart in probably a week?

    Any suggestions of routes and things to do on the way would be awesome.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The 'direct' route from Portland to Tucson would just be south on I-5 to east on I-10, but you are right, there are far more interesting routes. One that wouldn't add too many miles (say 20%) to the trip would be as follows:

    Start by taking I-84 east up the Columbia River Gorge then across northeastern Oregon to the Snake River valley of southern Idaho and on to the Great Salt Lake where you'd pick up I-15 south through Utah past Bryce Canyon and Zion National parks and into Las Vegas. From there, US-93 south, I-40 east and AZ-64 north will bring you to the Grand Canyon after which you would return south to Flagstaff and take AZ-89A south through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona before taking AZ-179 to I-17 south to Phoenix and I-10 east to Tucson.

    There are plenty of great stops and great scenery along that general route, so take your time and plan to wander a bit.


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    Could you please share with the forum how you were able to buy, insure, and title/register a car as a visitor?

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    Thanks for the route idea, I'll check it out.

    Buying the car isn't hard, just need to transfer the money, bill of sale isn't actually restricted to US citizens or greencard holders. Insurance, my travel/health insurance actually includes a third party coverage in the event of car crash, so I can legally drive it. The title is easy, in Arizona it costs 4 bucks to transfer to my name. The paperwork is appearing to be a pain in the arse, but I can live with that for getting a new car! The seller has been particularly helpful and certainly gone out of his way to make it easier for me. The registering is appearing harder. I might end up registering the car in my aunts or uncles name (both US citizens). I'll work on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    Could you please share with the forum how you were able to buy, insure, and title/register a car as a visitor?

    This is what we all want to know. Every year there are dozens who come to the US from countries near and far, who would like to buy a vehicle for their holiday roadtrip. To date no one has been able to come up with an insurance company which will insure it, nor can anyone advice on where and how to register a vehicle as a non-resident visitor.

    Lifey is waiting with baited breath

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    Default danger ahead

    You are right that physically purchasing the car is not the hard part. You don't need to be a US citizen to have someone sign over their title to you.

    Your problem is with the registration and insurance, and your current plan is extremely risky.

    First of all, yes, your travel/health insurance may cover your medical expenses in the case of a crash, but I seriously doubt that they provide Liability coverage to cover the costs of the other persons property and medical bills in the event of a crash. Liability insurance is legally mandatory in nearly every state, and its simply reckless to drive without it in any case.

    You will likely find it extremely difficult to register the car without being a US resident, and registering it under your relatives names can also pose some significant problems. First, you will likely have to transfer the title into their names (in the state where they reside) before it could be registered. Second, if the car is registered in their names they will become liable in the event of an accident. At the very least, their insurance premiums would go up, but if you are not covered or do not have enough coverage, its entirely possible that the could face a lawsuit and lose their home, savings, or anything else of value that they own.

    Buying a car as an international visitor is not at all an easy process, and there are several serious issues that it does not appear that you have considered. If you find a way to make it work, please let us know, but it sounds like you are just going to "wing it" and that is a very very dangerous idea.

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    From all of my research I can confirm that everything Michael has stated above, is correct. I wonder if your aunt is aware of the implications. I have been interested in purchasing, registering and insuring my own vehicle in my own name since 2001, and to date have not found a way without transfering the risk to a US resident.

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