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  1. Default from LV to death valley to yosemite to SF

    we are planning a road trip from LV to death valley to yosemite to SF. is it possible to complete it in 3 days?

    also, is there any attractions on the way from SF to LA?

    any great suggestion is deeply appreciated.

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    Default well, yes

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, 3 days is enough time to make this trip (you could drive directly from LV to SF in one long day). However, you should note that if you are traveling in winter after Tioga Pass closes (usually sometime in October or November) that you will be looking at some extra driving time as you will have to go around via Bakersfield.

    The Pacific Coast Highway between SF and LA is consider one of the most scenic routes in the world, and there are tons of attractions en route. However, you should note that it really is a two day trip if you are going this way.

    In any case this part of the country is the subject of thousands of threads on this forum, so I would encourage you to do a little more looking around to get even more ideas.

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