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    My boyfriend and I are heading to the US for the first time in a few weeks. We fly into LA and have 3 weeks before we have to fly out again, we are thinking of renting a car but not really sure where to go?!

    The basic route we have in mind is LA - San Francisco - Las Vegas - possibly Arizona? - San Diego - LA

    We have the main cities in place just not anything in between, and as we are complete novices (!) any advice would be appreciated!

    I don't want to spend all our time getting places and then not having any time to actually spend there. We probably want 3 days in LA to start, then i am guessing 2/3 days in SF, maybe 2 in LV and 2 in obviously there are quite a few days left over!

    Any tips greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This is one of the most popular general RoadTrips discussed here, so let me send you here to get you started on things to see. You can also follow the links to 'Similar Threads' at the bottom of each discussion to find even more ideas. Three weeks will be quite sufficient to spend several days at each of a handful of destinations as well as allow time for some scenic drives between them, but you will have to choose from the literally dozens of possibilities.


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