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    Hi there was on this website two years ago and got some great advice,great website(cant remember my username so had to set up a new one sorry)hoping i could get some help again,last time me and some friends came over from ireland and started out in san francisco and made our own way to san diego, passing through a few towns,LA aneheim, fullerton which we loved, great nightlife,and then on to san diego.Anyway this time were planning on going to san francisco again but this time going north to vancouver or seatlle or even portland, we have about 18 days as were spending a few days in new york first, just wondering is that too great a distance to cover in that space of time, and what would be the must see places along that route, last holiday was more of a drinking/nightclub/pub holiday this time would like to see a bit more nice country,see some national parks, would be great if i could get some help again ,thanks

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    This might be your previous visit, but in any case: Welcome back. Some time ago I gathered up some of the best discussions of the northwest coast, and that's probably still a great place to start to look for ideas. I also just came back from spending a week and a half in northwestern Oregon (note to self: write a RoadTrip Report!) and I must say that besides the coast you should really try to head up the Columbia River on the old Historic Columbia River Highway and take in some of the many incredible waterfalls just a short walk from the road. While in Vancouver, see if you can also fit in a ferry ride over to Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria or some of the other islands in the Strait of Georgia. 18 days should make for a quite relaxed drive. You won't, of course, get to see everything there is in just 2+ weeks, but still. it should be a quite nice adventure.


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