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    We are planning for a road trip from LV to death valley, initially we had planned to go to LV--DV--sequoia-->yosemite-->Sf and back to LV. However I was seeing the maps and it seems it may be easier to go from death valley to yosemite then SF and sequoia on the way back to LV from Sf..any suggestions???

    we have 10 days in all, and plan 1 day Lv(have been there before), 1-2 -death valley(should we just drive through it or is it worth trekking/will have to stay overnight??), then 2-3 days in yosemite, 2-3 Sf and a day in sequoia(will stop overnight on the way back LV).

    are there any roads/passes that are closed nov 19th nov - 28th nov.

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    Default Yes some are closed

    Quote Originally Posted by funtraveller View Post
    are there any roads/passes that are closed nov 19th nov - 28th nov.
    The Tioga Pass, which is California route 120 into Yosemite, does tend to officially close early. In fact, every year around here we have a contest to determine the date of the official reopening of the pass. Here's a link to this year's contest.

    Here are the dates of the closings from the past few years:

    Official Tioga Pass closings in recent years:
    2008: October 30th
    2007: December 6th
    2006: November 26th
    2005: November 25th
    2004: October 17th
    2003: October 31st
    2002: November 5th
    2001: November 11th

    From your post I get the impression that this was what led you to believe it to be easier to go directly from Death Valley to Yosemite.

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