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    My husband and I are taking our first road trip from Philadelphia to Austin, TX. We leave Dec 26 and have to be in Austin by Dec 30! We want to see as much as possible on the way! Any suggestions!??


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you poke around among the many thousands of recommendations that have been given on these forums over the years, you'll find one recurring theme. There is simply no 'one size fits all' RoadTrip. With nothing to go on in the way of knowing your preferences, there is simply no way anyone can offer you any meaningful advice. At a minimum, you will have to let people know: What time will you be leaving on the 26th? What time do you have to arrive on the 30th? How many hours do you plan to drive each day? What route are you planning to take? Do you prefer Interstates or 2 lane back roads or something in between. What do you and your husband enjoy doing? Do you want nightlife or small towns? Have you ever been in this area before? Sure, this is only your first RoadTrip, but the best advice we can give you is to learn to make such travels your own and not look for just a bunch of pre-packaged, generic sites to see.


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