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    I am getting married in Las Vegas in September 2010 and then want to drive to Florida, taking in the sights, for the honeymoon ........... total time being 3 weeks, including 5 days at las Vegas - can this be done???

    I don't have solid plans as yet (hence, why I have joined this site), but do know that we want to take in the Grand Canyon then travel through Texas / Louisiana / Mississippi / Georgia - are we being a bit too optimistic?? We want to do the 'tourist' thing as in go to Graceland in Memphis and the French Quarter in New Orleans, but also want to get off the beaten track.

    Any ideas, tips and inspiration would be greatly appreciated - i await your responses.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you have two weeks to make the drive from Las Vegas to Florida (after your stay in Las Vegas) then you are in fine shape for a leisurely and romantic drive. If the two weeks is for a round trip back to Nevada, then you'll be a bit more pressed to keep moving each day, but it can still be done at a pace that doesn't need to feel frenetic. Besides the places you've listed, other stops that you might want to look into would include Petrified Forest National park, the Oklahoma City Memorial, Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, MS, the Natchez Trace Parkway, some of the stately old homes and plantations of Natchez, and Gulf Islands National Seashore.


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    Thanks for your ideas - I've had a look at the Natchez Trace Parkway and that is definately the sort of place I like - there is so much going on around that area. We love anywhere that is abundent with wildlife and places that that show the true America or are a little quirky.

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    Default Well, Then

    Have a look at the Creole Nature Trail, Selma/ Old Cahawba and Cedar Key as well.


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