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    hi there,

    one friend and I have finished our career this year and we are planning to do a road trip in the USA "to celebrate it" or something like that. But we actually don't really know how things work over there, I mean we have thought things to do very briefly but we know nothing about the distances, prices and things to do in the middle... I have already done road trips but just in Spain and France

    Our idea is to go to NY and go down to Miami, go to the spring break (we have seen it so many times in American movies and tv shows that we would really like to see it in person... and party after all our study of course) and from there go to California.

    Is it possible to do all this in 30-40 days?
    I've looked some car rental prices on the internet but how much does normally costs over there? see if their good prices or not. Are there taxes for being under 25?
    how much money we will spend in gas for such a huge trip approximately?
    and for last could anyone recommend me a good USA travel guide?

    thank you and sorry if I wrote something wrong in English (I hope is good enough)
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    Default To Get Started...

    Bienvenido al bordo RoadTrip América foros! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One thing that might help you as you plan is to keep in mind that France and Spain are each roughly the size of Texas, one of our (larger) states. The entire United States is roughly 20 times larger than either of those countries. Still a tour of the east coast is entirely manageable over a month or so. Generally, any cost for a rental car that's less than $200-250 a week is getting into a good range. But there will be a substantial fee for being younger than 25, typically around $25/day for each driver, and if you're under 21, you may not be able to rent at all. New York to Miami is roughly 1300 miles; gas is currently around $2.50/gal; and most small rental cars will get 20-35 mpg on the highway. Gas might be a little higher when you arrive, so let's say $3.00, meaning that a one-way drive would require about $200 for fuel. Rather than spending money on any one travel guide, I'd suggest that you get a good set of maps of the U.S., such as the Rand McNally atlas, and start looking at what's along the major highways. Then do some internet searches starting with just {stateneme tourism OR attraction} and find as many things as you can. From all the possibilities, pick the ones that appeal to you.


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    thank you for answering so quick.

    Now I get a better idea of our possibilities :D. It's a pitty that we can't do the trip later cause in march i'll be 24 and 11 months old but I guess we'll have to pay the fee aswell.
    thanks for all this useful information and probably we'll have many more questions once we start to plan the details of the trip.


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    Default can you wait?

    Can you wait to do this trip a month? The difference between traveling when you are 24 Years and 11 Months and being 25 will easily cost you $500 or more during your month long trip. That's a pretty major savings for a pretty small delay.

    I would urge a bit of caution in your expectations regarding spring break. What you see in the movies is generally not a very good representation of the real world. Yes, there will be fun and parties over the spring break period, but they probably aren't much like what you've seen on screen, and this may be the first time in your life that you are told this, but by the time you are nearly 25, you'd be pretty old for the 18-22 scene that falls into the typical spring break crowd. On a more positive note, Miami has a great party scene with some really great nightclubs, if that is your thing, and you don't have to wait for one specific month to enjoy them.

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    Something else that you might consider (I know, I know, you need even more to think about), is the possibility of renting (or buying) a RV for your trip. Depending on the type of hotel you were planning to stay in (high-end or lower-end), it might be just as economical or more economical for you. Price per night for an RV is probably going to factor out to similar or lower than a hotel cost per night, gas will be higher than just a rental car, but meals could potential be a lot less. The convenience of a RV for a trip this long would be really nice though. You may have to come and leave from the same place however to return the RV or find a place that will sell it for you upon your return to Spain. Here is an article to give you more information about the RV option. Hope that you trip turns out great!
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    Default unlikely cheaper

    An RV can be a great way to travel, but it really needs to be thought of more as a lifestyle choice than an attempt at economic travel. An RV trip will almost always cost more, once you factor in the increased rental costs, extra fuel, and camp ground fees. You'd have to have a large group or be staying at expensive hotels before the costs would start getting close to each other.

    RVs often aren't a great option for trips that are focusing on urban areas, because of challenges of finding parking and simply driving a large vehicle through a congested city.

    Purchasing an RV or any vehicle is extremely difficult for an international visitor, and for a trip that only last a month, its really not worth it to purchase a car anyway.

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    thanks for your advices.
    about the rental: it's impossible for us to do it later so we will have to pay the under 25 fee. we have to be in april in Spain and later on it would be difficult to have one month holidays at the same time. We thought about buying a second hand car there but finally we concluded that it may be too risky and not worth it, i mean with the rental if we have any troubles with the car we can change it.

    I apreciate the idea of the RV but I don't think I'm prepared for that. I did a RV trip 4 years ago with my parents and I agree with Midwest Michael that just driving it it is difficult specially in urban areas and I'm used to small cars (european cars are smaller than americans) so I'll leave that for the future.

    we were watching some pictures of the USA and you have very impressive landscapes so we were thinking to split the trip in 2 parts:15 days east coast and then getting a plane from miami to vegas or somewhere there to see the grat canyon, monument valley and california the other 15 days. do you think that's possible or again it's too much distance to do each part in 15 days?

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    Yes you can do both East and West but you'll only scratch the surface of course. Keep in mind carrental in the NE (like in NY, but you don't need a car in NY) will be more expensive than renting a car in Florida or in the West.
    So if a visit to NYC is set in stone, I'd spend some days in NYC as a stopover with a flight to Miami or Orlando. Explore the South for some time either staying Florida or by making a roundtrip and then take a flight to the West.
    If you want to visit Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Page, Bryce, Zion and more I'd fly Las Vegas and make a roundtrip. You also could fly San Francisco, Los Angeles or even Phoenix. Depends on how long you want to stay at places. You even can make a roundtrip in 15-16 days and visit Los Angeles-Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce, Zion, Las Vegas-Death Valley NP, Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP, Yosemite NP-San Francisco and hw1 to LA. You'll be on the road a lot of time but this has been done before many times. A genuine roadtrip!

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    thanks for the info Yeehaw.
    I'm glad to see that is possible to do the west in 15-16 days. and we may do NYC and washington and then the flight to florida, it's a good idea.

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