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    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to the forum and hoping that I can get alot of great advice!
    We are planning a trip to the West coast summer of 2010.
    As we have never been, we are just now realizing how large California is.
    A friend suggested to fly into Las Vegas and drive over to LA, stay for the week so all the parks, Sea World, Disneyland, Six Flags and Notts Berry Farms and fly out of LA.
    We are a family with teen boys who love to travel, like rides, sailing, surfing, adventure and the beach.
    I think that it would be a great opportunity for them to see Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe. ( I know this sounds boring in camparison).
    Understanding that we would have to fly into Reno or Carson City (very difficult to find flights from the East coast).
    So, I found this site, hoping as a newbie you can all give me some worldly advice and recommendations. We are not set for anything, so we are up for any suggestions and changes.
    Oh, and I do realize that The Tahoe area is way far from LA. Just tossing the idea of the differrent places. Looking to spend about 7-10 days on vacation.
    I know the boys would like the rides and the beaches, but just don't know the area to hit the beaches and get the most out of the vacation, while I'd love to see Yosemite too, although it may not be possible unless someone has a tip to share!!!
    Thanks everyone~
    Happy Autumn:0 )
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    I would start off by picking a large city centrally located to everything you want to see and doing a "loop" trip - rent a car there and return it to there. Perhaps this could be Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Normally, renting a car in one city and returning it to another city involves a dropoff charge - and it's more difficult to find decent round trip airfares that way too.

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    We did a similar trip in 2002 with our then teen daughter.
    We flew into San Francisco, rode the cable cars & visited Alctraz, drove up to Tahoe spent a couple of nights, then down to Yosemite, we drove from west to east side of the parkk (not into hikes but just love the scenery), spent night in Gibson, drove down to LV for 3 nights then headed to Phoenix then spent a week in LA doing some parks & the beaches.
    However we did have 3 weeks for this trip. We flew back out of LA. No one way drop of fee within California or Nevada. I think we hired from National.
    Whilst in LV we visited the North Rim of the Canyon & the Hoover dam.
    This time round we plan visiting Yellowstone & Mount Rushmore.
    Enjoy your trip.
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    Yes, it's quite normal that the one-way fee is waived if collecting and returning to any location within California, Nevada and Arizona. However there might be a small saving to be had by buying a standard 'out-and-back' flight ticket? I would say that Yosemite should be a must (maybe drive LV - Death Valley - Yosemite - San Fran - LA - one of the most popular routes to be discussed on this site) as there is far more to the west than the theme parks in LA.

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    Yes, Yosemite is a must! But be sure to make reservations might even be too late for the lodge. We've stayed in Curry Village (canvas tents with real beds) and it was great!!
    We live in the L.A. area and the popular beaches for teens are Santa Monica and Venice. They are very trendy and crowded beaches. Definitley avoid them on the weekend if you can!! Other, more family friendly beaches, are Santa Barbara or Laguna Beach.
    Las Vegas is not our favorite place to go with kids, but you have to see it if you've never been. It's about 4-5 hours from L.A.
    I would say that San Francisco is also a must because of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's just awesome and so beautiful there. It's also super crowded and always on the chilly side for us!
    Have fun planning, it'll be a great trip!!


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