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    Me and some friends are thinking of getting a school bus to go road tripping with and i had a couple questions:

    -What should we expect to pay for insurance and what kind of policy would it be?

    -Can a bus be converted to bio-diesel and if so, what's the cheapest and most hassle free way of doing so? And is there a way to do so without processing the oil with lye and whatnot (not exactly something I want to have in bulk at the back of the bus if you know what I mean)

    -Is there a way to put a working toilet on the bus?

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    Sorry to tell you, I just don't think your idea makes much sense and seems like a classic pipedream, that sounds much cooler than the reality.

    First, a school bus is going to have a whole ton of very hard miles on it before its available on the market. Simply put, if there was much useable life left in it, then a school isn't going to get rid of it.

    Additionally, it is quite possible that you would need a higher class of drivers license, if not a full commercial drivers license, depending upon the weight, size, and rules of your particular state.

    For insurance you'd need to talk to your agent, there is just no way to get anything resembling reliable information like that on any internet forum.

    Much like the last time you asked about customization
    , I'm quite certain that adding something like a toilet would be extremely expensive, and if you are going to go that route, you're going to find that it is much much cheaper and easier just to find an older RV.
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    Well this case is a bit more realistic than you are portraying. I happen to have a friend who recently restored a bus and is a bit tight on cash so he's willing to sell it to me. As for the license, I already have a friend who spent a couple years driving semi's and he has a CDL still.

    I plan on contacting an agent but I was hoping to get some basic estimates from people who have done this before.

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