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  1. Default Detroit to Memphis. Ideas?

    Greetings all,

    long time lurker, first time poster.

    Hope you can help out with some ideas to compliment our upcoming roadtrip in November from Detroit to Memphis.

    We're looking for ideas on where to stop for one day/night on the way down to Memphis and for one day/night on the way back from Memphis to Detroit. we would prefer the stops not to be too far out of the way.

    we"re a group of 4 30ish yr old guys who like to see interesting ( maybe even eccentric off the beaten path) places with a good city/town history and hopefully some good eats. we do a trip ever year and we enjoy seeing different parts of North America from the ones mentioned in traditional guide books.

    we were considering doing the wild cave tour at Mammoth Caves on the way to Memphis but, one of the group is concerned he's too large (6ft 7 and 330 lbs) for it so, we had to consider other options. But, we're not adverse to stopping in a place where we can do an awesome hike/ and stay in a quaint town overnight.

    we've also considered St.Louis, Columbus, and Lexington as places to check out along the way so, thoughts on any of these places or others are greatly appreciated. the stops can be a large city, a small town, whatever as long as it has something going on.



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    Default Mammoth and...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Certainly Mammoth Caves would be one potential spot which is about halfway and close to the most direct route. You should not let your one friend's size prevent you from going. There are multiple cave tours available and the rangers are quite knowledgeable about the physical requirements of each one. Just ask before you buy your tour tickets. I also like to remind people that there is a little known 3 car ferry across the Green River in the park, and the drive to it and then on north is quite scenic. Just a reminder that there is more to Mammoth Cave National Park than just the caves.

    For an alternative, consider going a bit farther east and taking in a combination of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. These are another couple of slightly out of the way members of the national park system that get far less traffic than they deserve and meet your general criteria.


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    Default Sleep in a Tee Pee

    Cave City has one of the three remaining Wig Wam Villages where you can sleep in a concrete teepee. That's eccentric.

    Also, if you take I-55, south of St. Louis is Lambert's Cafe, Home of the "Throwed Rolls" in Sikeston, Missouri. That's an experience as well.

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    AZ Buck-thnx. we like the look of the Cumberland Park. will check out.

    Road Dog-thnx. Ive heard about Lamberts before but, never had a chance to check out.

    A further question to the forum, if you had one night to check out a city would you pick St.Louis, or Columbus? or would you suggest another spot inbetween Detroit and Memphis?


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    Default If not a teepee then how about a jailhouse?

    You could do far worse than breaking the journey in Bardstown, Ky., not too far north of Mammoth Cave NP. We happened upon it last year and spent the night in the Jailers's Inn, an old jailhouse that has been converted into a B&B. It has the added benefit of being slap bang next door to a great restaurant and tavern.

    And if you have time, you could then take in a visit to the Maker's Mark distillery. Kind of a reversal of the usual thing for a group of 30+ guys: here you spend the night in jail first, then try the local specialty.

    Plus, if you're looking for a quirky reason to visit, Bardstown is the site of the USA's first successful amputation of a leg at the hip (in 1806).


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    Default St. Louis

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Nothing against Columbus, mind you (I have a niece living there and my neighbors are big tOSU fans) but for a one night stand, I'd pick St. Louis with its Arch, Museum of Western Expansion, free zoo, Budweiser tours, river boats, etc.


  7. Default thanks!!

    Vambo-totally sounds cool. will check out Bardstown.

    AZBuck-yeah I was leaning towards to St.Louis as well. your thoughts have confirmed.

    if anyone else has any opinions Id love to hear them,


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