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    I am planning a next summer road trip around the entire U.S. My plan is to start out in the Pacific Northwest, travel through Montana, Illnois, and end up in Boston and New York. From there continue down the East Coast following the coast line into Florida and accross into Key West. Travel back up through Florida through the lower half of the U.S. stopping in New Orleans, Texas, Grand Canyon, and into California. Don't need to stop to many places in Cali as I have been to most. My question to everyone is what time of time frame should I set for myself? I'm wanting to try and do it in a month, but wondering if this possible and still see what I want to see? I am planning staying mostly in my truck camper, but in the big cities getting a hotel. Would love some feedback from anyone that has done this, possibly an estimate on miles as well. Thank You.

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    If you are sticking to an "outline" around the edges of the US, and you don't stay in any one place for more than a day or two, you could fit in this sort of trip in a month.

    As a rough estimate, you'll need a week to travel each direction east/west, and about half a week to go north/south (possibly a bit more since you are planning to go all the way down to Key West) if you are generally sticking to the interstates.

    Now, if you start zig-zagging north and south while you make your way across, that will take some more time. You'll also need more time if you want to spend more than a couple days at any one location. But if you're doing a quick overview around the edges of the US, a month-long could certainly be done.

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    There is probaly a half dozen places or so I would like to stay a couple days. Off the top of my head, New York, Key West, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, to name a few. Other than that stop when and where I need to or want to. One of my questions/problems is campgrounds or places to stay for the night. Thinking I will have to plan ahead and make resevations for those and know when I will be at each location. Want to find places along the east coast to camp, all the down into Key West. Like I said, I will be doing this in a truck camper, so any help from anyone that has done this is appreciated. Also any great ideas of "must sees" along my would breatly help. I plan on pretty much sticking to outline border states due to my time restriction. Thanks.

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    Reservations for campsites really depends upon your comfort level with the risk of not finding an available campground.

    Generally, during the week it shouldn't be too hard to find open sites, but weekends can get a little tricky. However, a lot of places require you to make reservations for the whole weekend, and not just for one night.

    On the positive side, since you will have a truck camper, it won't be the end of the world if you absolutely can't find a site. You could always find a truck stop or other safe?legal parking spot and just crawl into the back of your pickup for the night.

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