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    Hello, i know many people have asked about this kind of trip but any help really is appreciated as i really dont know how to put the trip together to make it the best possible way regarding times and enjoying.

    My trip will be 34 days starting in L.A, i want to spend a few days in L.A to go to Universal, and some other attractions, then i want to drive along the California Coast (San Francisco, etc), Go to the Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and maybe 2 days in Tijuana?

    I would really appreciate some feedback and do you think is possible?.


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    Default take a look

    Is this trip in addition to or instead of your planned Texas trip?

    More than a month is certainly enough time to do a loop of California. You are also right that many people have asked about this kind of trip before - in fact it is far and away the most popular trip on the forum with several thousands of posts already here on this topic. Rather than try to repost what has already been said hundreds of times, I would suggest you start figuring things out by simply taking a look around and see what's been suggested to others. That should give you that first step in putting things together.

    Once you have a better idea of what it is you want for your own trip, then we'll be in a better position to give you some specific help that will fit in with your own goals and timeframe.

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    I would advise you forego Tijuana. The city is not particularly safe right now due to drug gang wars, and you are not allowed to take a US rental car across the Mexican border. If you have your own car, your insurance is not valid in Mexico and you have to buy Mexican insurance at the border. If you must go, park your car at the border or ride the trolley down from San Diego and walk across and make it a day trip. I would not be there after dark.

  4. Default Yes, besides TExas

    This is the part of the trip i will make besides the Texas part which will be 15 days around the Triangle.

    I will keep reading posts, thanks for the help.

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