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    Hello, looking for ideas for a July or August 2010 road trip west of the Mississippi River. Leaving from Sacramento but willing to fly into any major city west of the Mississippi and renting a car. To avoid the drop off fee will return to the arrival city. We're pretty familar with the west as we took a road trip to Yellowstone/Tetons in August 2009 via Portland, Walla Walla, Idaho, through Montana, and Nevada and have been to Colorado and Arizona in past years. Ideally we like to book end trips with a visit to a large city or festival (in August 2009 the Bite of Oregon) and a national park, prior year was Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park. Thinking possibly Mt. Rushmore next year flying into Minneapolis or maybe New Mexico and southwest Colorado. Really enjoy local food/beer/music festivals. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Without knowing your timeframe and having the entire western half of the country to pick from, its going to be pretty hard for someone else to narrow things down for you.

    Having said that, fitting in with your Mt. Rushmore idea, if you want a big festival on top of that, you could certainly go during the Sturgis rally in early August.

    Now, this is a huge event, which packs the entire area full with people, and there are some significant downsides with that (crowds, costs), but if you are looking for a big festival atmosphere, it is an idea to consider.

  3. Default Road Trip July or August 2010

    Thanks for the suggestion. The trip will probably be for 10-12 days probably staying within the Dakotas and Minnesota or southwest Colorado/New Mexico. Sturgis may be a little too big for us but we are looking for a festival that is unique to the region and would schedule our trip around it.

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    Two national parks in Southern Colorado that we really enjoyed were the Great Sand Dunes national park where we could see Sand dunes as large as mountains and enjoyed some time hiking in the warm sand and being amazed at the geology. A second was Mesa Verde National Park near Durango CO. The native american cliff dwellings in this park are amazing. Unfortunately we didn't allow enough time and only were able to enjoy one of the dwellings. We plan to go to Mesa Verde again in the future and allow 3-4 days to really explore the native american history in the area.

    Glacier National Park in Montana is still my favorite national park. It has the wildlife and wonder of Yellowstone in a pristine environment, it's not as crowded and the beauty is indescribable.

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